Wednesday, July 5, 2017

No gold at the end of the rainbow?

We headed out today for another curvy road, 2 1/2 hour drive to Temple View/Hamilton. Our days have now settled in to a schedule of a sorts. Two weeks ago, we took a break and drove to Hamilton to watch a stage production of "Les Mis". Originally, all of the senior missionaries were invited but they all had other things to do so we decided to still go by ourselves. (I know we're about the best "selfie" picture takers you ever saw, right?

Then last Monday we went to visit a less active member and she said she'd seen my picture in the newspaper. What? We'd not even read the newspaper yet, so we went home and got the paper out of the box and found this:

The first 100 of the bags that have been sewn are being given away today! And they even had my name in the article.  Pretty cool. I figure Elder O'Neal and I have constructed about 120 of them now by ourselves. He does all of the ironing and I do the sewing. Our little town wants to be mostly plastic-free in a couple of years. So this is just the beginning.
Saturday, we spent half the day visiting some sweet ladies. One of them, Joy, we visit a lot but its never on a schedule. We got there about 5 just as it was getting dark. She was so glad to see us and eventually told that she'd been depressed all day and had prayed that someone would come to visit her. She told us that was the third time she'd done that and right after that we showed up. That's the kind of stuff we're here for!

Today our trip was a very rainy one and we literally discovered that there is no gold pot at the end of the rainbow since we drove right past it!

Kia Ora, Elder and Sister O'Neal